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New Digital Subscription to Juxtapoz

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, 21 Jul 2009



A digital subscription to Juxtapoz is not only cost effective, but is paperless and therefore pro-tree.

With a digital subscription, you can instantly read online what you would in the print magazine format, or you can download it and read offline at your convenience.

The digital subscription is the exact same price as a domestic subscription, only $24.99 for an entire year of the best contemporary art in the world.

Whether you’re in Brazil and want to pay the same price as your American friends for a year if Juxtapoz, or you’re in New York and want to enjoy your issue on your laptop or phone while going to work, a digital subscription of Juxtapoz is just what you need.

Oh, and for all you die-hard Juxtapoz fans, now you don’t have to worry about losing an issue or having a damaged one arrive in the mail: it’s digital baby, your precious issues will live on untarnished forever online.

Buy your digital subscription to Juxtapoz online now here.




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