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Neck Face Is the Devil's Disciple

Juxtapoz // Saturday, 31 Oct 2009

The crux of the exhibition will surely be Neck Face’s newest works. A deviation from the norm, it’s chock-full of his signature scratchy imagery with a personal dimension that is much more palpable in the paintings. After many years of crafting a persona and building up walls around himself and his moniker, the reclusive and young Neck Face has finally cracked open the door ever so slightly and let viewers into his twisted world.

With the introduction of historical and pop culture references into the visual storytelling, the paintings have grown more complex and intricate. This newer imagery is balanced by considered application of wit throughout the work in the signature Neck Face hand style.

In addition to his paintings, a series of metal mask sculptures will be on display. Reminiscent of African Woyo masks, Neck face reworks the sculptures with sharp edges and creates an object that is distinctly contemporary and unmistakably his.

There is little doubt Devil’s Disciple will be Neck face’s breakout exhibition. Be there tonight to see it all in person.

Devil’s Disciple will open tonight; Halloween, Saturday, October 31st, 2009
Opening reception: 8pm- midnight.
Haunted House: 8pm- midnight. Parental advisory; explicit content. No persons under 18 will be allowed into Devil’s Disciple under any circumstance.
Skate Demo: Bake and Deathwish team: 8pm- midnight

After Party
Saturday October 31st, 2009: 10pm – 5am at Electric Pickle



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