Nate Williams + Magnet Reps

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, 10 May 2006

See artist Nate Williams, see his website

See also Magnet Reps elegantly simple new website created by Nate, Magnet Reps is one of the hottest artist rep agencies around. They're roster of talent includes Shawn Barber, S. Britt, Bella Pilar, Graham Roumieu, Margarite Sauvage, Ben Shannon, Nate Williams (of course), and several others who do fabulous illustration.

Perhaps you have heard of this other little website called Yeah, Nate made that too. (We're totally kidding, it's not little. It's epic.)

He's got even more projects going on. He's the genius behind Moody Buddha, the website that sells "modular art lamps by your favorite artists" -

Lamps by artists Federico Gallo, ApeFluff, and Marie Hansen (l to r)

He also does a zine once every few months called Hola Amiga which he publishes online. Hola Amiga is "a collection of random pictures, illustrations, patterns or anything I happen to be thinking about. I tend not to use many words so it may seem very cryptic .. but there is no intentional hidden message."

Also, he's given himself a second identity, "Alexander Blue", and has already created a sizeable portfolio of work in a different style than Nate's other work.

How does he do all of this? And travel the world? There's a revealing audio interview with Nate by Erik J. Olsen that's posted up on Illustrationmundo. Check it out here:



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