More late nights live from Art Basel

Juxtapoz // Saturday, 04 Dec 2010

Jason Jaworski continues the rounds at Art Basel, taking Dave Choe around, or maybe Dave taking Jason around, who knows? It looks fun. They are doing things like going to movies, seeing art, and checking out why Ryan McGinness' art was in a strip club.

Kevin, Dave and Tury in the Armani 3D glasses provided by the event:

Blurry because of the 3D presentation:

Breakfast at 8PM:

Manatee Zone:

Sam and Denzollo:

Ryan McGinness show at a strip club - they searched everyone for cameras, I hid mine between my legs and shot this on the sly:

Somehow, 17 of us fit into a van:

Dancing at the Delano:

Back at OHWOW:



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