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Monday Morning Juxtapozition

Juxtapoz // Monday, 14 Nov 2011




At least 32 protesters arrested at early morning raid on the Occupy Oakland encampment in Oscar Grant Plaza. And let it be noted that the SF Chronicle is willing to go the whole asinine yards for a horrible pun. I can relate.


What I can't relate to is their cynical manipulation of the news via glaring distortions and outright misinformation. What is supposed to be the watchdog, the gatekeeper, a literal chronicle, parrots the official line, the snivelings of baffled Mayor Quan, the bluster of interim-Chief Jordan, the callous number-crunching of Administrator Deanna Jordan, before giving a platform to anyone involved with the Occupy movement.


Take the mic, Boots: "Whatever they do, they're going to just make us keep going. They're in a lose-lose situation. The camp is not going to go away." How about that for your lede line, Chron?


This is the least of their distortions since the Occupy movement began. Just this weekend, corporate news media coverage spun a murder which took place adjacent to the Occupy encampment as a violent offshoot of the camp, as if 12th and Broadway was a placid intersection before the Occupiers moved in, as if Oakland itself was a bastion of peace and serenity.


"The encampment became a place where we had repeated violence and, this week, a murder. We had to bring the camp to an end before more people were hurt," Quan told her friends in the media, using a murder, in which a man has died, as political fuel to support her shutdown of a peaceful camp, a camp dedicated to transcending and ending the kind of violence promoted by rampant wealth inequality, lack of education and services, discriminatory housing policies, and the culture of greed and spite which dominates our modern society.


Earlier this weekend, Quan and her police friends took a different tack, laughably claiming that, "We need to return (police) resources to addressing violence throughout the city. It's time for the encampment to end." Seeing as how the police focus was apparently AT THE CAMP instead of elsewhere, how would a murder RIGHT NEXT TO the camp be out of their Occupy-centric range? The hypocrisy was rank, and yet the Fourth Estate curled up at Quan's feet and panted for more. The entire Occupy movement is responsible for any suffering businesses, broken bank windows or murders in the vicinity, and poor Quan and her thugs are helpless victims of our lawlessness. Alanis, I could use your ten thousand spoons to scoop up all this irony.


Quan's right about one thing, however: "Camping is a tactic, not a solution." Camping is but the first, most visible aspect of this movement. But as the Port of Oakland shutdown and the momentary reclamation of the TAS building demonstrated, the Occupy movement is only going to get more radical and disruptive. And I'm sure the SF Chronicle will be there the whole way to manipulate and distort it.



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