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Model on London Envisions the City in 2030

Juxtapoz // Friday, 17 Sep 2010

An impressively detailed model of London in 40 years includes 50,000 individual buildings to create a vision of the city’s development by 2030. The urban landscape was meticulously crafted to scale from aerial photography. A total of 5,000 hours of went into the project by model-making firm Pipers.


In the 12-metre-long (36ft) result, 500 unborn buildings are cast across the landscape, reproduced from architects' plans and blueprints.


Nick McKeogh, director of Pipers, told the BBC, “The model was first made in 2005, in the middle of a huge building boom. Not since Victorian times had London seen such development. We thought a model would bring professionals from all the different disciplines together - architects, developers and politicians.”



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