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Mister Cartoon x Snoop Dogg x MetroPCS

Juxtapoz // Monday, 01 Mar 2010

Mister Cartoon (Juxtapoz cover #70) launches his second Sanctioned handset with MetroPCS. MOTO VE440, with two interchangeable backs and original tracks from Snoop Dogg.


A legend in the tattoo, graffiti, and fine arts communities, Mister Cartoon has become a larger than life figure. His collaboration with MetroPCS, through his agency, SA Studios and their Sanctioned brand, is sure to satisfy existing fans while exposing Mister Cartoon’s richly detailed style to a new audience.



The MOTO™ VE440 Limited Edition handset features two interchangeable back covers adorned with custom Mister Cartoon artwork. Additional features include exclusive wallpapers, ringtones, and a 1GB MicroSD memory card preloaded with two brand new, unreleased tracks from multi-platinum recording artist Snoop Dogg.


“The goal was to make the phone a full-on lifestyle accessory. The art, the music, the whole thing has a life to it,” said Mister Cartoon.


Renowned photographer, Nitin Vadukul, was called in to breathe that same life into the phone’s creative campaign. Known for his irreverent, mind-bending imagery, Vadukul has infused the campaign with lush graphics that compliment Mister Cartoon’s vision.




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