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Photos: Miranda Donovan's "Lost World of Innocence"

Juxtapoz // Friday, 09 May 2008

Words and photos by Chris Osburn.

With her first solo exhibition in the UK opening at Soho's Lazarides Gallery, the young British painter Miranda Donovan is off to a fantastic start! Her pieces for the Lazarides show, collectively entitled Lost World of Innocence, juxtaposes news-clippings of victims of urban crime with idyllic "lost world" scenes, which Donovan appropriated from Seventeenth Century Dutch paintings by artists such as Ruisdael, and then enhanced with her own graffiti.

A number of Donovan's paintings are of well known (and rather well heeled) London streets including Jermyn Street and Savile Row, which – like the Seventeenth Century "lost world" scenes – Donovan touched up with graffiti. 

Lost World of Innocence features more than twenty paintings and raises issues about the effects urbanity on communities in light of the current global phenomenon of urban expansion. Lost World of Innocence runs until May 30th. Visit  or for more info.


Miranda Donovan enjoying a conversation with friends at the opening of her Lazarides Gallery exhibition.


Savile Row

Walton Street

Jermyn Street

Fuckingham Palace

Whitechapel Road

Lazarides bricked up its storefront window for the show.

Lost World of Innocence juxtaposes news-clippings of victims of urban crime with idyllic "lost world" scenes from Seventeenth Century Dutch paintings.

Getting lost in Miranda Donovan's appropriated worlds.


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