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Miracle Chips: Guaranteed Fresh

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, 26 Oct 2010

Following his curiosity, John Baldessari was soon enough making his own pictures of objects with barely perceptible human features. Maybe they would be detected, maybe they wouldn’t. It was akin to seeing the Virgin Mary in a tortilla.


Next came a series of noses and ears gleefully placed on colorful, flat, somewhat lumpy and rounded shapes: faces. Much to Baldessari’s surprise and our amusement, he recently looked again at these mustard and cobalt colored face shapes that populate his studio and came to a decisive conclusion: Potato chips! Those faces are potato chips!


In a moment he had handed over a stack of prints of chips with just visible full faces peering out at us, only to issue a kind-hearted warning: These are really too perfect. Life isn’t perfect. Potato chips break, pieces crack off. Think of the Venus de Milo, and I think you’ll know where I’m going with this book. And look, I have a title too...


And thus Baldessari’s Miracle Chips began to make their way one by one into the world.


Watch an enthralling video interview with Baldessari right here.


Miracle Chips: Guaranteed Fresh by John Baldessari

Published by Steidl

UK £24.00

US $34.00

EC €28.00




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