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Mike Kershnar Takes Aim at Ads in San Francisco

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, 03 Mar 2010

We caught up with Kershnar this weekend while at the killer opening of Skinner, Jay Howell, Death P Sun, Porous Walker, and others' opening of Bro Palace at Park Life. Kershnar is definitely excited to be living in San Francisco, as he stated that he “felt a bit isolated out there in Berkeley.” He also felt “inspired to move here after my show with [Mike] Giant.” Sounds like two good reasons to us.


“I am really digging biking around the city and exploring the vibrant local art scene,” he continues. “I went wheatpasting on my bike the other night for the first time in SF with my assistant Crystal and we hit up some well known spots in the Mission/Market area. It was rewarding to rework the ads which are so sexual and seductive providing my own take on primal urges and humor.”

Talk to the hand; reconfiguring over-sexualized American Apparel ads

Face perch

Erik Rimm Tribute on Florida Street

Bear Man levitates

Close up

Kershnar x Crystal

Deer Man dances on a pipe in the Haight


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