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Mel Kadel Echo Test Set Up Video

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, 09 Sep 2009



Echo Test, the first San Francisco solo exhibition of new pen-and-ink drawings by Los Angeles based artist Mel Kadel, opens Thursday September 10th at Fecal Face Dot Gallery.
Kadel will be showing both large and small-scale drawings in combination with a wall painting. Arranged in non-traditional clusters, her drawings will display as a quilt of images, playing off each other to transform the gallery into quasi- psychedelic mélange of color and pattern. Works as small as 6" x 9" and up to 44" x 44" will be on display, as well a specially recorded four song EP entitled, Stop That Dreaming, by Los Angeles band ((Sounder)) with original cover-art by Mel Kadel.

The limited edition of 100 physical copies (signed and numbered Kadel) will be available at the reception. Kadel, along with artists Travis Millard and Michael Sieben can be heard singing on the track 'Oh Darkness Looming.' ((sounder)) is the music project of artist/video director Mike Aho.

Mel Kadel is also participating in our 15th Anniversary Art Auction. Read our recent interview with her here.

Keep up with Mel via her Juxtapoz blog at



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