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Maxx242 Vs JeffSoto

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, 06 Oct 2010

Soto explains: “My good friend Maxx and I have been working on a secret project called Maxx242VsJeffSoto. We've been working on toys, skate decks, shirts, and more fun and cool things that will be released down the line.


“Our first collaboration is a BE@RBRICK two pack in conjunction with our friends Zac Pac in Japan. The set is being released during our mini Japan Invasion tour on October 29th in Japan! If you're in Tokyo, come say hi!


About the project:


Maxx242 and Jeff Soto met in high school in 1990 through their interests in art, graffiti and skateboarding. They became good friends, formed several graffiti crews and had numerous adventures painting graffiti over the past two decades. Currently both work as artists and illustrators in Southern California. Their work can be seen in galleries and shops around the globe.


MAXX242vsJEFFSOTO will focus on releasing limited edition items such as toys, skate decks, apparel and prints. Each release will be a double release- one of Soto's designs and one of Maxx242's. Some items will be purchased as a set, some will be sold separately.



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