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Matt Furie Interview

Juxtapoz // Friday, 08 Dec 2006

Artist Matt Furie lives in San Francisco and draws the most adorable characters doing the most uncharacteristic things. Fellow SF artist Mildred chatted him up about their mutual inspirations:

IM conducted by Mildred


Mildred: hello? what's going on?
Matt Furie: it's me
Mildred: jesus?
Matt Furie: no, its me matt
Mildred: so how has your day been so far?
Matt Furie: my day has been good-drank a lot of coffee products
Mildred: all jittery now?
Matt Furie: headache, high...
Mildred: headaches are no fun
Matt Furie: word
Matt Furie: who farted?
Mildred: i'm eating macaroni right now. pretty good stuff
Matt Furie: great stuff
Mildred: i even cut up hot dogs for it. yum.
Matt Furie: hotdogs are great. mommy!

Matt Furie: so are you going to interveiw me or what? i'm trying to get really famous.
Mildred: yeah i suppose i am. let's see.... hmmm. where to start so mr. furie, tell me. where are ya from?
Matt Furie, im from columbus, ohio. i was born a buckeye at the ohio state university hospital. have you ever heard of the bucks?
Mildred: buckeyes?
Matt Furie: yup-the ohio state buckeyes baby!
Mildred: i know... i'm from toledo ohio
Matt Furie: booyaa!
Mildred: exactly
Matt Furie: ohio playas!

Mildred: when you were in elementery school, what were favorite classes?
Matt Furie: i liked art class and english. gym was fun too. if classes were boring i would draw dragons and d&d stuff in my notebooks. i also like japanese cartoons. i sound dim-witted on the instant messenger-i'll try to beef it up...
Mildred: haha awesome. when i was in elementary school i drew on the back of every test and ditto and wrote all over everything when ever i could.
Matt Furie: totalzz.
Mildred: what other kinds of things did you draw all over your school papers?
Matt Furie: penises, boos, vaginas, butts, penises going into butts, penises going into vaginas, monsters, teeth, eyeballs, war, people being tortured, animals, clouds..........i mean, boobs.
Mildred: HAHA
Mildred: i just drew people killing each other and ninja turtles and batman. and sometimes snowmen.

Mildred: how long would you say you've been doing art for?
Matt Furie: ive been drawing since i was a kid. my mom was very supportive and even let me draw on the walls as long as it was crayon. my grandma furie taught me how to draw Betty Boop, a monkey's face and a five-pointed star.
Mildred: take art classes in highschool?
Matt Furie: oh hell yeah! i painted a lot in high school. mrs. smith was awesome and she let us watch and analze the movie "the never ending story" during class once. it changed my life and my perspective on creativity.
Mildred: that's awesome. i had a rad art teacher in highschool too. he let us sneak in the class during lunch and paint or watch tv. do whatever.
Matt Furie: by do whatever do you mean have sex with each other?
Mildred: well.... maybe not that. hahaha.
Matt Furie: babies having babies.
Mildred: that's america these days.
Matt Furie: yeah amerikkka
Mildred: haha
Matt Furie: just kidding dad.

Mildred: what were you like in high school?
Matt Furie: i was the all star quarterback. not. i started out normal. then i got grunge. then goth. eventually i became a big freak and everyone thought i lost it. i blame my friends and the music i was listening 2.
Mildred: haha i was kind of the same way. first i was goth in 8th and 9th grade, then skater punk, then grunge.... now i dont know where the hell i stand.
Matt Furie: now you are a god.
Mildred: haha. and you are?
Matt Furie: i'm a non-magic harry potter.
Mildred: what's the point of life then?
Matt Furie: the point is to eat a lot of great stuff.
Mildred: haha.
Matt Furie: its not funny, its true.
Mildred: what kinda music did you listen to in high school?
Matt Furie: gin blossums 24/7.
Mildred: haha
Matt Furie: hey jealosy was my anthem.

Mildred: how are those stickers treating ya that i gave you the other nite?
Matt Furie: i stuck them all over my butthole..i havent pooped for a week and im starting to have strange visions. thank you.
Matt Furie: is this really going to be on the cover of art forum?
Mildred: it might be. haha.
Matt Furie: good.
Mildred: i'm gonna make you a rock star.
Matt Furie: rock stars burn up too fast.
Mildred: ok fine.... yarn star. better?
Matt Furie: let's have a moment of silence.
Mildred: ok.
Matt Furie: that was nice.
Mildred: i know.
Matt Furie: beats holding a flashlight in the woods.

Mildred: haha. how about you tell me why you quit your job.
Matt Furie: i had to because i want to sleep in longer and work on art during the day.
Mildred: sounds good to me. i just quit my job too.
Matt Furie: make that money work for you baby!
Mildred: haha well i'm not on the streets yet.
Mildred: so far so good.
Mildred: some of your works are in color pencil only right?
Matt Furie: well yeah-i've developed a technique and style using Prismacolor pencils, pens, and Micron pens. almost all of my work is done on matte board too. i like pencils and pens cause they're easy to control and easy to clean up.
Mildred: so do you like doing that more than painting then?
Matt Furie: i rarely paint. i like just sitting down and drawing. it brings me back to being a kid in school and doodling during class. i want to make a life around colored pencils.
Mildred: thats awesome. you work very well with colored pencils. have a particular kind you enjoy more as far as brand names go?
Matt Furie: Prismacolor forever.
Mildred: thats the kind i always use to use too.
Matt Furie: da bomb baby!
Mildred: they pissed me off when they kept breaking though.
Matt Furie: try the thin ones-they're harder.
Mildred: i like the soft ones though, they blend better for me.

Mildred: if you weren't an artist, what would you be instead and why?
Matt Furie: the president of the united states; to give this country a great leader.
Mildred: haha you'd have my vote. what would you change about our beautiful America we live in?
Matt Furie: my underwear.
Matt Furie: well-thanks for everything-i gotta go get my eat on dude! i'm fuckin hungry!
Mildred: haha ok.
Matt Furie: nice rapping with you midred!
Mildred: any advice for the kids before you go?
Matt Furie: dont let the nothing take away your childlike tendencies. when this world tries to change you - ride the dragon of imagination. change.
Mildred: good talking with you, furie. now go eat some grub
Matt Furie: word up my friend - its been real!
Mildred: i know. it realy has. take care buddy

To see more of Matt Furie's artwork, visit his website:



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