Mars-1 & Damon Soule

Juxtapoz // Thursday, 22 Jun 2006

Photos courtesy of Lineage Gallery

Unusual Locations - A two-person show featuring the work of Mars-1 & Damon Soule running from June 2nd through July 2nd, 2006.

Mars-1 and Damon Soule have been showing together regularly in galleries across the country. Unusual Locations features an exclusive site-specific installation that includes found objects from Damon's studio. The installation offers a chance for audiences to look further into Mars-1 and Damon Soule's artistic processes. Both artists are debuting impressive bodies of new original works on canvas, wood and paper. In addition to original works, there is a collection of limited edition prints, art toys, and publications available.

Front window decal

Mars-1 - Liquid Soundwave

Street shot of gallery

Interior detail (1)

Interior detail (2) -Damon Soule-Infintely Yours

Interior detail (3)

Damon Soule installation & Lord Bacon's Fancy New Tree Diptych

Damon Soule, Mars-1 & friend

Damon Soule & Mars-1

Oliver Vernon, Mars-1 & Damon Soule (background)

Damon Soule with his mom

Mars-1 with his sweetie

For more information about this show (and detailed images of the art) visit Lineage Gallery's website, Mars-1 online at, and Damon Soule online at



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