Mark Ryden: The Tree Show

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, 14 Mar 2007
Photos from The Tree Show, Mark Ryden's first solo show in a little over two years, which opened at Michael Kohn Gallery in Los Angeles, on Saturday March 10th, 2007. The artwork will be on display through April 28th.

Photos courtesy of Jo David and Marlow Harris

Jo David, Mark Ryden, Marlow Harris

Mark Ryden with Roq La Rue's Kirsten Anderson

Greg Escalante dressed in the requested colors

Kirsten Anderson, Marlow Harris, Alix Sloan and Donna Baxter

Anthony Ausgang with Kirsten Anderson

Jo David and Marlow Harris

Marion Peck and Kirsten Anderson

Marlow Harris and Dita Von Teese

Mark and Kirsten

Gary Basemen and Jessicka

Natalia Fabia, Marlow Harris, Greg Escalante

Gratuitous crowd shot

Gary Pressman... Kirsten Anderson...

The Pizz has a lady on each arm

Billy Shire

Liz McGrath embodied the show's theme

The Pizz and Long Gone John
The Pizz and (The) Shag


Natalia Fabia and daughter of Long Gone John, TaggyLee Mermis Bowers

Shag and...

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