Maniacal Leakage

Juxtapoz // Friday, 03 Feb 2006

Artist Robert Hardgrave (aka Farmer Bob) sent us links to his photos from "Maniacal Leakage", his two-person show along with James Short at OKOK Gallery in Seattle.

[[ Photos of the Art ]]

[[ Photos from Opening Night ]]

We took this opportunity to ask Farmer Bob a couple questions:

What's coming up?

I'm chugging away!! A Compound Gallery group show in Portland on February 6th, Roq La Rue group show February 10th, Artdorks group show in April, and then a duo show with Casey O'Connell in July at BLK/MRKT in LA.

How's Seattle?

I will be glad when winter lets up a bit. It has been raining for many weeks. I tire of the sog. The temperature has been mild which is nice. I sure like rain better than snow though. I appreciate Seattle even with the rain. I just usually lock myself in the house and make paintings.

What are you doing this weekend?

I was invited to co-jury a local exhibit here in Seattle, but other than that I just plan to paint. I live to work. It suits me.

"Maniacal Leakage" is on display through February 9th, 2006 at OKOK Gallery, 709 Broadway East, Seattle, WA, 206.322.7523.



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