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Man of the World: A Gabriel Orozco retrospective

Juxtapoz // Monday, 21 Dec 2009

“The Mexican sculptor and conceptualist, forty-seven years old, is easily the best artist to have emerged on the era’s global biennial circuit—a milieu whose chaotic demands for theatrical pizzazz and political virtue have wrecked innumerable promising talents. (Scant other exceptions include the tough-minded Danish-Icelandic installation-maker Olafur Eliasson.)

“The MOMA show confirms that Orozco is, in fact, the one artist of his ilk and time who stands up to really rigorous scrutiny—incidentally rejuvenating art history as a going concern—and justifies the effort by being delightful. His works aren’t invariably beautiful, but they all bespeak beauty as an operating principle: the catch in consciousness when mind and body merge in a state of praise for existence, just as it is.”

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