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Catching up with El Mac in Miami

Juxtapoz // Thursday, 03 Dec 2009

We ran into Mac at Blue Print, the kick off party for Primary Flight in Miami, who tells us in his delightful manner about the mural he and Retna have been preparing to unveil today in the Wynwood neighborhood.
Holding it down

Mac and Jux Web Editor Katie Zuppann


Lucky for us, El Mac proceeded to whip out his camera to show us pictures of how the mural is coming along so far.


From the looks of it, on this piece, the artists maneuver masterfully through the gray scale, stepping in a different direction from the multihued mural they last showed in Salt Lake City.
Mac & Retna's Mural in Salt Lake City: "Ave Maria"


Both artists agreed that they had their work cut out for them today, Mac saying that the mural was only about 15% done while Retna played it safer with an estimated 5%.


From the images of the work in progress alone, it is obvious that this is going to be a special piece that we are very much looking forward to checking out. Not to miss if you are in the Miami area.




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