Louie Cordero at 2011 Singapore Biennale

Juxtapoz // Thursday, 24 Mar 2011
Juxtapoz' alumnist, Philippines-based painter and installation sculpture artist, Louie Cordero, just did these fantastic installation pieces, titled My We, for the 2011 Singapore Biennale. The Singapore Biennale commissioned installation comprised of four cast figures and an all in one karaoke machine.

As Jonathan LeVine Gallery wrote last year, that definitely applies here, "Cordero’s puzzling, imploring, and visually striking juxtapositions are often punctuated by blood and gore, as if to imply the history of violence and bloodshed that his nation and people have sustained. Cordero’s artwork makes references to his native Philippines, a nation rich with diversity—the result of multiple changes in political regime and subjugation throughout its history. With a complex mixture of eastern and western influences, the cultural fabric of The Republic of The Philippines is a unique combination of ethnic heritage and traditions, composed of indigenous folklore, Asian customs and Spanish legacy reflective in the names and religion."

The Singapore Biennale will be open through May 15, 2011.

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