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Looking Back: Stuart Davis

Juxtapoz // Friday, 25 Nov 2011

Every now and then, we like to highlight one of the greats that inspires some of our favorite contemporary artists. When recently looking at Jonas Wood's paintings, we revisited Stuart Davis' work (Davis being a significant influence on Wood's stylistic approach). For those of you who forgot, or haven't taken interest in the past, Stuart Davis was a unique American abstract painter. His artistic pursuits were refined to a exceptionally personal approach.

In conjunction with his painting production, he wrote extensively about his theoretical approach, which emphasized bold, flat planes of color, scenes from the artist's everyday, and an interest in cubism. Davis once said that "things which have made me want to paint, outside of other paintings" include: "American wood and iron work of the past; Civil War and skyscaper architecture; the brilliant colors on gasoline stations, chainstore fronts, and taxi-cabs; the music of Bach; synthetic chemistry; the poetry of Rimbaud; fast travel by train, auto and aeroplane which brought new and multiple perspectives; electric signs; the alndscape and boats of Gloucester, Mass.; 5 & 10 cent store kitchen utensils; movies and radio; Earl Hines hot piano and Jazz music in general, etc." Davis' notoriety for being a man's man and a enthusiastic fan of jazz, in addition to being a zealous painter all solidifies our fascination with him and his work.



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