Logan Hicks

Juxtapoz // Thursday, 10 Aug 2006

He'll be debuting his new shoe design in Melbourne (Sept 8th), Shanghai (Oct 6th), and Cape Town (Dec 8th) as part of K-Spray's K-Swiss tour. See www.kspray.com.

He's also showing at Redletter1 Gallery in Ybor City, Florida with fellow stencilist Adam 5100 (www.adam5100.com) from August 5th through 30th.

He'll be in Brussels, Belgium in the "No New Enemies" show at Mr. Ego Gallery on September 22nd and 23rd. For this show, each participating artist produces a very limited edition shirt (12) and print (30) - more info here: www.nonewenemies.net

Logan's company Workhorse Visuals has become the sole U.S. distributor of Sabataz spraypaint. Sabotaz is a Greek spraypaint that caters specifically to aerosol artists. With 90 colors by the end of this year, and 130 colors by the end of next year, it promises to grow deep roots in the aerosol community. The paint has excellent drying time, excellent coverage, and very rich colors. More information can be found on their website www.sabotazusa.com.

Speaking of stencils, Logan highly recommends Miami, Florida's BlackBooks Stencils. BlackBooks runs a laser stencil cutting service that is second to none. Both of the owners are stencil artists themselves, so they know their stuff. Though there will always be a solid place in our heart for the hand-cut stencil, laser cut stencils allow artists to recreate some of their most intricate and incredible prints as well as permanently engrave with a unique look and texture on mediums like wood, plastic, metal, etc. They "welcome obscure requests and unique ideas". Check them out at www.blackbooksstencils.com.

He's also signed up as one of the exclusive bloggers on www.SlamXHype.com along with David Gensler (The KDU), Dom (Brooklyn Projects), Dave Ortiz (Daves Quality Meats), Miss Lawn (Hellz Bellz), Livingroom Johnson and ton of other heavy hitters in the scene.

Logan has several clothing designs in the works as well. See www.NiceProduce.com and www.indivisualclothing.com for further details.

Check out his website, www.workhorsevisuals.com for, believe it or not, even more projects and events that he's got going on.



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