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Locking Down Features: A Day with Augor in LA

Juxtapoz // Friday, 20 Mar 2009


This month (April, issue #99) we feature the incredible graffiti and illustrative talent, Augor. This young rising star has recently been attacking the streets of LA with a fervor not seen in years, infusing a refreshing energy into a scene increasingly saturated in unoriginality.

Getting a feature article ready for publication is no easy feat, but does afford us to opportunity to get to know raw artists in a manner not available to the general public. Luckily, in between hounding Augor for answers to our burning questions and driving to the next graf or party scene, we snapped a few photos of where the genius (or if you happen to be an LA cop, the enemy) sleeps.

Grab our current April issue to see Augor’s fresh feature and see the artist’s intimate world in candid home studio shots we snagged during our interview day…

Augor's main drawing desk and area of creativity (besides the city streets, of course...)

T-shirt graphic concepts and layouts for freelance gigs 

Sketches everywhere

Tools of the trade

A mini billboard replica a homie made of a piece by Augor and Revok

In-progress wheatpaste ready for more watercolor

Clothing concepts 

Stacks of tees from a recent tradeshow

Older (and insanely complex) illustration adorns a wall

A detail shot of this was definitely necessary

Silk-screens and skateboards: tools of any young urban artist

Augor's prized stolen newspaper dispenser, covered in tags from any and all visitors. "Someday if I'm ever really hard up, I'll sell this on eBay."


Make sure to get the full story on Augor by reading his feature in our April 2009 issue out now.


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