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LED Books by Airan Kang

Juxtapoz // Friday, 09 Sep 2011

Last year, when Airan Kang opened her solo show, Light Reading, at Bryce Wolkowitz in NYC, it was one of our favorite shows of 2010. LED book installations? How could you go wrong. Last night, while on our iPad, we decided to look at Kang's LED book work once again.

Kang created the works with LED Lights, resin, and custom electronics. At times, she stacked as many as 18 books into one sculpture, and for other components she recreated entire bookshelves. For the show, "Kang traveled around the world to visit and photograph different bookstores and famous libraries in order to then recreate each environment as digitized versions of the original simulacra. The familiarity of these places gives Kang’s lurid universe an unexpected and sublime sense of organic beauty."



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