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LAZYFACE: Secret Show from Alex Pardee and Upper Playground

Juxtapoz // Friday, 02 May 2008

“My face feels like it’s melting. Not because I have been drinking Deathklok riffs for breakfast. And not because I decided to bob for apples in the Toxic Avenger's piss. just wake up, and your face feels like it's melting. Like your face is too lazy to even tense itself up enough to keep all of your facial features intact.
Unfortunately, I have woken up with lazyface every morning for the last week because I have been overwhelmed with a bunch of projects. I think Eeyore probably felt like he had lazyface every day, but he didn’t, he was just a fucking negative bum.

"Anyway, in the midst of my body's onslaught from the Lazyface virus, FIFTY24SF and I decided to put up a little secret, unadvertised show over at the new Upper Playground store in Berkeley on Telegraph Ave. So I holed up in a bunker for a bit, channeled Vigo from Ghostbusters 2, and knocked out some quick paintings that, when finished, pretty much perfectly (though unintentionally) portrayed the way I have been feeling since this Lazyface virus hit me.”

As of tonight, May 2nd, a handful of brand new paintings, alongside a few of Alex Pardee’s other favorite recent paintings, will be on display for your viewing pleasure. Make sure to take a peek at the rest of Pardee's newest work on his MySpace, and available paintings soon on display with Upper Playground here. So if you're in the area, and want to escape from the bullies who try to sell you knitted beanies and way too much incense, duck into the Upper Playground store and check it out.





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