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Juxtapoz // Friday, 25 May 2007
Ert went to Los Angeles for a few days and a few art shows. Here are a few photos.

Photos by Ert O'Hara

Upstairs at X-Large for Logan Hicks' farewell to LA show. He stenciled the walls.

View from above, do you spy the London Police?

More LP on the walls

London Police (left), Logan Hicks (right)

The guy from Crewest and Logan Hicks chatting it up

After Logan's show, we drove out to Beverly Hills for the final minutes of Distinctive Messengers at the House of Campari with featured artist Andrew Schoultz

More Schoultz


The bar, sadly, done serving delicious Campari cocktails for the evening

Tia Pulitzer "The Doctor"

Eve Fowler photography

Close-up of "Sam with corsage"

Bjorn Copeland's "Vertical Change"

Justin Lieberman "Elegy"

Untitled piece by Clare Rojas

It looks like a rug or tile, but it was stenciled paper.

In one of the maze-like back rooms

After we got our tiny bottle of Campari gift and they closed the place up, we made our way over to Maude Carrin for Isaac Pierro's solo show. Maude Carrin is a boutique/gallery full of bohemian clothes and goodies. That's Isaac with the mural he painted in the gallery.

Isaac's show is called Love & Sugar and will be on display until June 15th.

The cotton candy was one night only...

Painting by Isaac Pierro

The cotton candy machine isn't rocket science, it's a little more complicated than that.

Finally, they got it going on

Mmm...fluffy blue sugar

On Saturday, May 19th, we stopped by GR2 on Sawtelle to see if we could get a peek at the rumored Robert Pimple show. Well, there it was. Nine drawings and one photo placed oddly high up on the wall. Maybe to thwart those who would attempt to grab and run?

A close-up just for you

Up the street near the historic NuArt Theater, while we waited for the 1pm matinee of Fay Grim, we saw this Live Large poster by Saiman Chow for last year's RTEA benefit show still up on Santa Monica Blvd. Fay Grim is the sequel to the critically lauded Henry Fool by awesome director Hal Hartley. I give it all thumbs up. Good film.

Later that night, we went out to The Venice Contemporary to see $coundrels because we like the VC folks and our friend Alli Good had work featured in the show along with Bob Dob, Lola, Eric White, Ken Garduno, Jason D'Aquino, Peter Mitchell, Graham Roumieu, Kris Lewis, Nathan Spoor, Joel Dugan, Chandler Wood, Francesco LoCastro, and Andrew Foster. Check their site for pics from the show:

There were four or so guys working up this big graffiti-style mural out behind the gallery.

Poor fair-skinned Alli fell asleep at the beach in the LA sun and got a little sunburn. Nevertheless, she was stoked to be included in the exhibit and the catalog along with so many other awesome artists.

The next day we drove back up north, through the mountains. Where there's smoke...

...there tends to be fire. I think that's the most fire I've ever seen in real life.



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