Krink x EXIT x Absolut Vodka Video 1 of 3—Work In Progress

Juxtapoz // Monday, 20 Dec 2010

We began a preview of a new Krink project last Friday, and now we have the beginnings of what was guessed: An Exit x Absolut Vodka x Krink collaboration. It almost seemed like a matter of time before KR and Krink teamed up with Absolut, as the drip style seemed appropriate on the iconic bottle's ad campaign.

Have you ever tried to Krink anything? A bottle? We tried to Krink a bottle in our office last year, and let us tell you, it looks cool, and we aren't even professionals.

More to come on this collaboration.

"A Work in Progress" video 1 of 3.
Krink x EXIT Magazine x Absolut Vodka.
Video & Music by The Crystal Pharoah
"Krinking" Absolut "Limited Edition" Vodka bottles for EXIT Magazine at Krink Studios in NYC.


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