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Kofie Interview on Walrus TV

Juxtapoz // Monday, 05 Oct 2009



Born and raised in Los Angeles, the influence of the city surfaces in Kofie’s spiraling, mechanical structures, which often resemble abstracted cityscapes and industrial developments. Involved in street art as a teenager, his work began as traditional graffiti-inspired characters; over time, as he began breaking down those characters, they evolved into the massive, architectural paintings he’s now revered for.

In addition to appearing on his Draftsmen clothing line and in numerous magazines, Kofie’s artwork has been displayed in exhibitions in major cities throughout Japan and the United States, including Tokyo, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and Boston. Kofie is also participating in our Big Payback auction. [More info on that here.] Watch the interview from The Run Up, available for the first time to the public for free, on Walrus TV.



About Kofie:?
Augustine Kofie was born and raised in LA, surrounded by jagged concrete, swirling freeways, and grey walls. So it makes sense that this little rug rat that played with his mama’s art supplies would later take it to the street as Kofie One. He took art classes here and there, and earned rent by organizing boxes at stores like Crate & Barrel to afford living solo. Soon word got out that he had something special in his black notebooks: he started selling t-shirt designs to Santa Monica Airlines Skateboards, and later became the illustrator for Eric Dressen’s indie t-shirt and sticker brand. Yet Kofie does not confine himself to paint, experimenting with 4-track music and digitally altering Polaroid photos to change the pace.

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