Inside Out with Kim Cogan

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, 09 Sep 2009



 “In new work at Hespe, he studies interior light and light passing between inside and outside, as carefully as he has daylight and street light on building facades in earlier paintings. In 5 Stories (Day) (2009) Cogan describes, from a rooftop vantage point, the chasm of space behind a San Francisco apartment building. The dim that deepens beneath a wedge of raking sunlight, the weathered, rust-streaked building walls and windows variously shaded, curtained or open free Cogan to deploy a range of tinted grays and other muted hues. His touch maintains a poise that enables us to shift at will from seeing paint to seeing depiction and back again. The effect is especially dramatic in the pendant 5 Stories (Night) (2009).??

“Architecture puts Cogan in his stride. It permits the slight exaggerations and distortions by which he evokes so well the instabilities of vision.”

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