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Kehinde Wiley: The World Stage Brazil

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, 15 Dec 2009

Kehinde Wiley’s The World Stage: Brazil is now available. Wiley is the next artist to grace the cover of Juxtapoz (January 2010) and this crisp hardcover collection proves once again why Wiley is a force to be reckoned with.

The 11-1/2 x 8-3/4 inch, 64 page collection includes essays by Brian Keith Jackson and Kimberly Cleveland, Ph.D. with the text in both English and Portuguese.

This is a limited edition of 2,500 and after browsing through it, we can highly recommend it to any Kehinde Wiley fan.

This volume includes a selection of 22 new portrait paintings from Wiley's multinational World Stage series, which has included Africa, China and India in the past and now moves on to Brazil.

Immersing himself in the local culture of Rio de Janeiro, Wiley incorporates the people, history and aesthetic of the city in each of his monumental male portraits. His models, chosen from the favela slums, reflect historically significant public sculptures found within the city.

Oversize tropical flowers in full bloom, appropriated from Brazilian textiles, inundate the work with saturated, brightly hued colors suggestive of Brazilian exoticism.

Likening African-descended, young Brazilian males to canonical figures from Western art history as well as Brazilian public monuments, Wiley renders masculinity both august and noble.



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