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Juxtapoz iPhone Capsule Cases

Juxtapoz // Sunday, 14 Feb 2010
Let’s face it. These days cell phones are equally a statement piece and a practical necessity. Those of you with iPhones can now add an extra ounce of flair by showing the world your artistic sensibility and protect that precious commodity of yours. It’s a twofer.


The Juxtapoz iPhone Capsule Case has been precisely designed and engineered to make your coveted device look and feel its best. Designs are available by Maxx242, Nate Van Dyke, C.R. Stecyk III, and Jason Maloney.
Nate Van Dyke


The iPhone 3G/3Gs Capsule Case is the sleekest, most durable, twin-shot case on the market. The exclusive Uncommon 3D TATT™ Printing process transfers the ink deep into the case’s surface.

• Convenient capsule design for easy insertion.

• Removable bottom for placing in dock.

• Easy-access button covers for those important moments.

• Twin-shot dark matter bezel to keep screen safe & looking large.

• Shatterproof polycarbonate to take any beating.
Jason Maloney

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