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Juxtapoz @ E3: Ubisoft Press Conference

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, 05 Jun 2012


Ubisoft is my current frontrunner for presentation of year at E3. They came out strong with their main titles, Assassins Creed 3, Far Cry 3, and Splinter Cell, and still managed to shock us with some titles we have never heard of. They also had some of the best MC's hosting their event as well.

Aisha Tyler is not someone I would have thought could accurately portray a gamer girl, but she pulled it off as the host of this year's event. After a great performance by Flo Rida, the conference got under way with a bang by bringing out Far Cry 3 (followed by Assassins Creed 3). Now it may seem as though I glanced over Far Cry 3, which was one of my most anticipated titles to see, and this would be an accurate assessment. Assassins Creed 3 put Far Cry in it;s place for the first time in the franchises history in my opinion.



For a game that I did not care much for during it's first two rounds as a "franchise" game, Assassins Creed 3 looks stunning. The American Revolution setting, combined with the style of attack that Assassins Creed is known for really do pair well together. In a introduction scene which I can only describe as inspiring, it shows a fleeing American regiment being thrust into a new found sense of bravery after watching one man take down a line of British invaders. However, they made sure to make note that it is not necessarily the British that are the enemy in the game, much to the pleasure of several of the members of the foreign press from the UK in attendance, but the Templars which have been the enemies from the beginning of the series. The game really does look stellar, and even convinced a friend of mine, who is a long standing opponent of the series, to utter the words "even I want to check this game out". If you have ever had a day dream of being an assassin working along side the likes of such historical figures as George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, this game is a must see.



Now to the real show stealers in my opinion. Two new titles which were previously unknown to me had me and my collogue both jaw dropped. First the Wii U title dubbed ZombiU, was an extremely sticking visual sequence of still life images being panned around in 3D. With no gameplay to speak of, this was the first example of what I hope the new Nintendo console will be capable of graphics wise. Without a doubt though, Watch Dogs was my favorite. A game centralized around the idea that our entire world is connected to a grid, a gird which is flawed and can be manipulated to your advantage almost strikes a little to close to home. As you walk through various crowds intercepting phone calls, and using a third eye which illuminates peoples flaws such as criminal history and financial crisis you may be experiencing, you are reminded of the social networking privacy issue which have become daily news stories. Not to mention, being a kind of digital hit man, the ability to control the stop lights which your target is approaching, and create a car accident by flipping them all green is kind of deliciously evil. If your friends want to join in, too, the level of multi-player which was hinted at, can only be described as having your own cartel executing different missions around the city all in an effort to accomplish a singular goal. —Nick Lattner / Juxtapoz Video Game Editor
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