Juxtapoz 15th Anniversary Art Auction: Tomer Hanuka

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, 21 Oct 2009
You know the campfire hindsight that magnifies the urgency of every kitten whimper, the vulgarity of every high school principal’s breath, and the conviction of every slipping grip down to the last bony knuckle? From the impeccably gnarled faces twisted atop the tattered bodies that decorate your favorite war-torn terrain to the sweetly breathing, quiet moment seconds before impending rapture, something electrifying is crawling out of Tomer Hanuka’s brush. While many attempt to make images that evoke certain emotions, Tomer seems more intent on figuring out how to draw the emotions themselves. The stomach drop, the haunting crush, the unfamiliar environment, the dead friend—it’s all there. The sentiment that doesn’t even have a name, just a time and place and smell and color and, above all, a spooky sense of familiarity. Even within the most bizarre scenarios that might seem to breed a million miles from anything you know, Hanuka’s ability to infuse heart heavy and human elements into his images may be the reason they resonate so loudly. Point blank, Tomer is the man. —Aesop Rock
--Excerpt from Juxtapoz #84, January 2008

The Big Payback 15th Anniversary Art Auction artwork will be made available for bidding only online via www.CharityBuzz.com/Auctions/Juxtapoz starting October 28th and ending November 20th, 2009.

All Auction info is online at www.juxtapoz.com/auction



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