Juxtapoz 15th Anniversary Art Auction: Mike Kershnar

Juxtapoz // Saturday, 05 Sep 2009

The Juxtapoz 15th Anniversary Art Auction, presented by Upper Playground to benefit Power House Project of Detroit, keeps moving forward. Continuing our coverage of participating artists, we now showcase Mike Kershnar.



Erin Dyer: What's been going on for you lately?
Mike Kershnar: It has been the best summer of my life. I started teaching a skateboard and graffiti arts program at Art and Science in the Woods in rural Illinois with my lady, Lyric. From there I got to go to Europe with my friends from Element. It was like a dream, I get off the plane and they hook me up with 30 cans of Montana and mops and I got to blast all over Europe and skate with my best homies. I developed some new processes out there that I am really excited about. After that I headed up to Kings Canyon for Wild Expression where I got to create a ton of art with some very inspirational people up 9,000 feet in the wilderness for an upcoming film project.

The summer has ended on an unexpected note, as my very good friend Erik Rimm passed away. I am currently in Florida celebrating his life and spirit with friends and heroes.

How have things been in preparing for this show?

I am very excited and honored to be a part of it. It feels wonderful to be embraced by the Juxtapoz community. For a lot of years I felt like an observer of the whole scene viewing from the sidelines and incredibly curious to meet and mix medicine with everyone I was so stoked on. I snuck into the Juxtapoz show at the Laguna Beach Museum a few years back and left so inspired. Talking art with Shepard and Saber, amongst Crumb, Grey, and Griffin originals—I felt so electrified I went home and did art all night long.

Did you create something entirely new or donate something you had?
I got the invite info a bit late so I didn’t have time to create something brand new start to finish. Because this is a Juxtapoz show, I wanted to donate something that I put a lot of time and effort into, and that would exemplify my ritualistic approach to creating. Lady Coyote felt perfect.

What is the significance of your piece? What went into it for you?

The piece Lady Coyote has meant different things to me from the start of her until this moment. Essentially it was a meditation about the mysterious female and what I’m drawn to and seeking in a female lifetime companion. The colors were inspired by Tibetan and Navajo jewelry, with the turquoise, red, coral, and silver. She has mystical symboligies, heals, leads with love, and smiles with her tongue out hungry for life, and ready to speak and love with passion.

What do you see your contribution offering this specific cause and hope to see as an outcome of the benefit show?

I feel my whole vision in life is to leave a positive legacy through my works, art that inspires and connects the viewer to a relationship that is ancient and powerful within us. Everyone who has donated to this show is like a Tibetan Sand Painter, or a Paleo Shaman in a cave, creating something with intent, and scattering it into the wind for something larger than the self, for the well being of their extended tribe. I have a feeling this show will create a very positive, traceable concentric ring of creative output from Detroit into the world and beyond.

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