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Juxtapoz 15th Anniversary Art Auction: Kenji Hirata

Juxtapoz // Monday, 30 Nov 2009

Welcome to the beautiful world that is the artwork of Kenji Hirata. With his visually stimulating pieces, Hirata has created a language of icons and symbols that take on new meanings as they are combined and recombined throughout his abstract and figurative works. You have the opportunity to bid on this original Kernji Hirata piece, generously donated to us to benefit the Powerhouse Project of Detroit.


Watching Kenji Hirata paint, from the first Barnstormer trip in 1999 the present, has been a lesson in style transformation. What Kenji lacked in the English language he made up for with one of the trippier visual Barn sides. It actually was an old sharecropper’s home. Back then Kenji painted in a very repetitive manner. Shapes lead to patterns, patterns lead to trails, and trails covered the wall like candy colored ivy.


Presently his mechanical organical (yes, I made this word up but it fits too perfectly) forms have taken flight. The repetitions and patterns have evolved. All moving pieces exist alone, just as rooted to the bigger idea but instead of going back and forth linearly, they hover, unfold, peel off, and tuck behind themselves. It’s future nature. —Joey Garfield


Excerpt from the current Juxtapoz Barnstormers Issue (Juxtapoz #107)


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