Juxtapoz 15th Anniversary Art Auction: Chris Mars

Juxtapoz // Saturday, 10 Oct 2009

“My paintings are rallies and trials, photographs of a moment when Truth was made public and Mercy known,” states artist Chris Mars. Strong words for meaningful work. Mars is our next featured artist in our ever-growing list of stellar creators contributing to our 15th Anniversary Art Auction.

“Chris is a gifted technician. I have witnessed firsthand the effect of his applied technique on a viewing audience: often viewers will stoop or bow, trying to find some physical explanation for the striking dimension in what is actually a two-dimensional surface. Mars possesses that rare level of control that causes everyone to look, even those who may find the images themselves repulsive on some level. And therein Mars embodies the notion of Craft serving Concept, with a skill set developed and applied in a manner that forces not just his brethren but everyone to look, thereby presenting the opportunity for them to listen as well.” – Art critic, Julius Marcia

All other Auction info can be located at www.juxtapoz.com/auction



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