Juxtapoz 15th Anniversary Art Auction: Adam Wallacavage

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, 20 Oct 2009

Adam Wallacavage is widely known in the art world for his crisp photographs and intricate octopus chandeliers. New York City based Wallacavage donated not one or even two, but three photographs which we will be auctioning off as a set for our Big Payback Auction.


Roger Gastman: I have seen you shoot, and you get things out of your subjects and photos that other photographers don’t get.

Adam Wallacavage: I learned my skills through skateboarding. I simply kept that aesthetic of shooting in the skate photo style of using multiple flashes and weird angles. I love taking normal situations and photographing them in a more surrealistic way. One thing I have made a habit of is never being in any normal situations. I’m usually in really weird situations. My book that just came out, Monster Size Monsters, is a retrospective of my photos over the past 15 or so years. My photography is so random, and I have always had trouble showing it because I never was able to grasp the idea of showing it in galleries. I mainly kept it all boxed up in huge piles of 4- by 6-inch prints. The only way I like showing it is in big grids or in big stacks. I think my problem is that my photography doesn’t match my personal aesthetic. I have a hard time framing something and trying to sell it when I wouldn’t want to hang it in my own house. My book is the perfect placement for my photos because it shows the random order they were created in, and is in a nice, neat, little package for anyone to have on their coffee table, bookshelf, or next to the toilet in their bathroom.
--Excerpt from interview with Adam Wallacavage with Roger Gastman in Juxtapoz #75



The Big Payback 15th Anniversary Art Auction artwork will be made available for bidding only online via CharityBuzz.com starting October 28th and ending November 20th, 2009.

All Auction info is online at www.juxtapoz.com/auction



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