Juxtapoz 15th Anniversary Art Auction: Mel Kadel

Juxtapoz // Monday, 07 Sep 2009

On this lovely Labor Day, we present our next featured Auction artist: Mel Kadel (Juxtapoz #90). For The Juxtapoz 15th Anniversary Art Auction, presented by Upper Playground to benefit Power House Project of Detroit, Mel donated a beautiful drawing, seen above. Hear her words about this donated piece now.



Katie Zuppann: Why did you decide to donate a piece for Juxtapoz’ 15th Anniversary Auction?
Mel Kadel: It goes without saying that Juxtapoz is a major force.  So, I was just happy to be asked to contribute to their anniversary and celebrate with them while raising money for a good cause.  Juxtapoz has done so much good for many artists, and in return...the artists are in a unique position to also help others.

Speaking specifically about the piece that you donated…can you put it in context, is there a back-story to it?
The piece is called Pusher, and it's simply showing someone's arms pushing out colors, hoping to spread something good.

How does living with your partner (artist, Travis Millard) affect your work and process? Do you need to set out your own work time, or is it easy to combine personal and artistic pursuits?
Both of us have always worked really hard, but when we came together and moved in with each other, it went into overdrive.  We have similar ways of going about our day and don't need much more than a table and a lamp, so it works out really well.  I feel really lucky to be able to shout over my shoulder at any moment for some feedback, and we take turns making sandwiches and stuff like that for each other. 

Anything exciting coming up that we should be looking out for?
I have a show at FFDG from September 10th through October 10th, 2009.  I'm really looking forward to that and spending a few days in San Francisco.
Also, I'm having a split show with the great Lori D. at Grass Hut in Portland, which opens on October 2nd.  Lori and I are good friends, and have been collaborating on a few things for this show. She's just great...the real deal.

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