Jux in Detroit: Journal Entry, Part 13

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, 23 Nov 2010


We continue our series of journal entries from Detroit for the Juxtapoz x Power House Productions artist project, this time our Detroit journalist Jason Jaworski talking more of the work happening on the homes in the neighborhood. He talks of the near two-thousand pound "domer" that they are trying to get in between two homes.

Jason writes:

From Saelee’s house I wandered next door to the space where Ben Wolf was working on his installation and sculpture.

Once piled with debris and detritus from the alleyway behind it, along with years of untended plant-growth, the space was now cleared and occupied with several dormers and sections of houses which Ben is using to construct his sculpture.

I wandered through the space for a brief moment, turning the corner and from the alleyway behind the block, seeing a multi-colored Bobcat wheeling its way over, pushing aside piles of dirt and pieces of scrap before stopping in front of a large dormer.

The task of today is to take a dormer, near two-thousand pounds in weight, and place it in a way between the two houses so that it can sit comfortably while being suspended several feet in the air; from there, taking the smaller dormers and piling them underneath in a pattern.

Ben and Charlie, along with Mitch who was seated in the Bobcat, went over their plan to move and place the dormer.

The process was extremely long, with several starts and stops, at one point a cable breaking and the Bobcat getting stuck in between a tree and the corner of the house- but through it all, and through the light rain which started to fall, the three of them managed to place and put the dormer several feet up, suspended in mid air through a rudimentary though efficient system of wood, cables, tethers and columns.

Described by Ben Wolf as an “architectural mutation,” the dormer was attached in a way where it seemed exactly that- as if it were an extra limb, tumor, or torso protruding outside the walls from one house to the other.

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