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Just Out: 'Infinite Path' Laser Cut Print by Saelee Oh

Juxtapoz // Monday, 25 Oct 2010

“Our first in our series of laser cut paper editions sold out in 2 days,” Saelee tells us. “Infinite Path is now available on navy blue paper mounted on white bristol board, this time in a larger size than our first print.


“The original artwork is 40" x 60". This miniature smaller version uses modern machinery, but the benefit is that the paper is extremely intricate and detailed. Thus, the result is beyond human and extraordinarily lovely.


Infinite Path

Navy paper mounted on white bristol paper, all acid free and archival.

18" x 24".

limited edition of 30

$95 signed and numbered. Available now right here.



Saelee is currently in Detroit for our housing renovation project. She there along with other artists (Monica Canilao, Richard Coleman, Retna, Swoon, Ben Wolf). “It's pretty interesting,” she writes. “Detroit is awesome.”


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