Junko Mizuno for Vannen Watches

Juxtapoz // Friday, 09 Sep 2011


Fresh from the depths of an erotic underworld comes Cirrina, a tentacled timepiece by Junko Mizuno for Vannen Watches. Sweet, yet sinister; cute, but dangerous: the Cirrina uses her hair to direct hapless victims into her hungry suckers. Close inspection reveals bat-like wings, tentacles that transform into serpents, and remains of this swaying sea creature's last victims.


Cirrina is limited to 150 pieces and retails for $85 with signed and numbered packaging. And as a bonus, one lucky person who picks up Cirrina will receive the original drawing created just for this release. Cirrina is pure Mizuno: Invigorating bright orange and hot pink are contrasted by soft blue and pale yellow; perhaps a reminder of nature's volatility and the conflicting forces contained within us all.

Get your Cirrina now at www.vannenwatches.com and select retailers around the globe.