James Jean’s new solo show “Rebus” at Martha Otero in March 2011

Juxtapoz // Friday, 07 Jan 2011
When we did that little survey a couple weeks ago, asking who you thought was the artist of the year, a lot of people mentioned James Jean. Ask and tell and you shall receive. James Jean will show 7 new paintings at Martha Otero in Los Angeles this March 2011, one of those paintings being Tiger that you see above.

Remember, we just chatted with James Jean, as he was our cover artist for December 2010.

And because James and David Choe are friends with Die Antwoord, you get Ninja posing in front of your tiger.

The above image:
Tiger, Acrylic, Oil, & Pastel on Two Canvases, 104 x 60", 2010.






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