James Jean "REBUS" Opening Coverage

Juxtapoz // Monday, 14 Mar 2011

A night after Jason Jaworski and Juxtapoz.com spent the afternoon filmming a Jux' commercial with James Jean, Jaworski was back at the opening of Jean's solo show, Rebus, at Martha Otero Gallery in Los Angeles. The show featured large-scale paintings, Moleskine drawings, and a huge crowd.

Stay tuned to our Juxtapoz x James Jean video in the coming weeks.

Video and photos by Jason Jaworski.







Martha Otero and Michell Newman from Martha Otero Gallery
















James Jean
March 12—April 30, 2011
Martha Otero Gallery
Los Angeles, California

JAMES JEAN X REBUS from Jason Jaworski on Vimeo.


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