James Esber and Friends at Pierogi Gallery do art wih Osama Bin Laden

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, 22 Dec 2010

Many people think we could be posting this for the "controversy" of it all, but we actual think in terms of abstract portraits, these paintings of Osama Bin Laden are really interesting. Currently showing at Brooklyn's Pierogi Gallery is You, Me and Everyone Else, an art show by James Esber that features he and his friends takes on the infamous #1 suspect.

Each piece is a collaboration between Esber and a friend, with 100 works all hanging together on the gallery's walls. As the NY Times describes, "It is also a dizzying, slightly hallucinatory, one-rogue rogue’s gallery."

This particular "piece" is titled This is Not a Portrait*, and is based on Esber's 2005 pen and ink drawing of Osama Bin Laden.

Another interesting aspect is that not all of Esber's friends are traditional artists, some with particular artistic talents that do not involve fine art. That in itself is an interesting experiment to take perhaps the most famous face in the world and have each person, with art talents or not, interpret a person. Or as Esber says more eloquently, create a situation where "unskilled hands is irrelevant and personal touch becames paramount."





Read more at NY Times.


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