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It's Not A Trick: Solo Show by LECKOmio

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, 04 Aug 2010

German-based stencilist, LECKOmio debuts his US first solo show, Its Not a Trick. His exhibition looks at the relationship of street art within its subcultural milieu.


With all its complexities and shrouds of mystery, LECKOmio composes a new series; tying in the culture of people who align themselves with the lifestyle, in juxtaposition with the urban icons consistently associated with the studio, and the street.


The title he has chosen for this series addresses the mechanization of his technique; LECKOmio states that when an audience typically sees stencil work they usually have some difficulty understanding its execution, but with Its Not a Trick, he wants to present that stencil work is simply a technique, and like everything else requires “creativity, preparation, patience, and accuracy” to master.




His latest backyard and graffiti paintings, aptly titled Graffparcs, are inspired by finding beauty in the decay of urban structures. He states that graffiti, “both good and bad quality, helps keep those ruins alive, that they still have charm and sense, and when you can read the work they become guestbooks of the individual city where local writers have left their signatures.”


The other facet of his series, LECKOmio’s monuments, signify his need to reconnect graffiti and stencil art, while tying in the essential spray cap iconography--the main tool of urban artists at large, with improvements spanning “30 different ventiles.” Multiple caps with multitudes of purposes, but for single-use only and are typically tossed away upon completion of a work, an aspect that LECKOmio states points to the thought of “watching things closely before you throw them away.”




Opening reception: Saturday, August 21st, from 6pm – Midnight


Sketching Session with live model 7-9pm

Musical Performance starts at 9pm


Complimentary Snacks and Special Show Cocktail from Mie N Yu Restaurant


Art Whino Gallery

173 Waterfront St.

National Harbor, MD 20745


Show end date: September 15th, 2010


The sketching session begins at 7pm and ends at 9pm and is free. They will have 15 special edition blank sketchbooks for sale at the show, but guests are welcome to bring their own sketchbook.


The event is free and open to the public.




Artist Bio

Born in Lörrach, Germany, LECKOmio grew up in a household where painting was a daily activity, and was exposed to much creativity from an early age. Painting comics and characters had always been one of his favourite hobbies as a kid and with the help of a school friend, he was introduced to graffiti.


Following that small introduction, LECKOmio was hooked and they started sketching together; sneaking out at night to paint the neighbourhood walls. After several run-ins with the law, he took a break from painting outside and concentrated on school, which led him to a future of business management. However, as a burgeoning artist, he was not satisfied.


LECKOmio continued sketching and painting, and in 2002 began experimenting with stencils, though completely unaware of the well-established stencil movement in street art outside of his own developments. His work has been entirely self-taught, with trial and error being his greatest mentor.


Following his move from home to studio, and finally quitting his job in management, LECKOmio has taken off with his art, cultivating his personal style, developing innovative stenciling techniques like transparency, and exhibiting work in galleries all over the world (U.S., Middle East, Australia, and all over Europe). He takes a very simplistic approach to such a broad genre, turning objects that are so overlooked into a complex series of physics, urban attitude, fine art, and creates a “universe of colors on one square centimeter.”


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