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Interiors by Roy Lichtenstein Circa the 1990s

Juxtapoz // Monday, 17 Oct 2011

You are likely familiar with Roy Lichtenstein's work, Lichtenstein being one of the most influential pop artist alongside Warhol. During the early and mid 1990's, he produced a variety of interior spaces that are rendered in his trademark, comic book-inspired style. The works are focusing on modern furniture and architecture, highlighting the simple forms and atmosphere of decorative apartment life during this time period.

Some of the artwork depicted on the walls of the interiors even seems to be in the vain of Lichtenstein's work, which is inevitable, as anything rendered in Lichtenstein's style becomes his own. Whether it is something as banal as a sofa, or an intricate cityscape, it becomes a dizzying abstraction of lines, patterns, and dots that has become his brand of representation.




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