Inspired by 'Up," 300 Helium Balloons Float House 10,000 Feet High

Juxtapoz // Friday, 11 Mar 2011

As part of National Geographic's "How Hard Can It Be?" series, and inspired by the Disney film "Up," a real replica home was built and lofted above a Californa desert and stayed afloat for over an hour. And it only took 300 helium balloons to make it happen.

As Dornob writes, "Unfortunately, there is still a bit of magic behind this trick – the structure sent skyward was full scale, but not a fully-loaded home packed with insulation, sheet rock and the rest of those pesky (heavy) finishing touches."

Our thought is that this is great project bringing art to life. The film depicts a much larger cluster of balloons, and in real life, it didn't take as many. And it's Friday, just enjoy yourself and watch the video.






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