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Insitu Festival: Public Installations Planned for Spain

Juxtapoz // Monday, 21 Jun 2010

Artist SAN sent us a message regarding an event he is directing in Spain, incorporating top artists Herbert Baglione, Honet, Sam3, San, Escif, Spok, Nano 4814, and XLF Crew. Looks like it will be a killer event.


“It’s located in Miajadas (Spain) a little village with interesting public spaces and walls. Artists will do murals and installations in the street. It will become an annual event. After the event I’ll publish a catalog and a website.”


SAN created a blog, which introduces each artist in the festival, but keep a lookout for further updates on the group’s progress.


Insitu will run from June 28th through June 4, 2010. More info at





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