Insightful Strokes @Distinction Arts: Event Photos

Juxtapoz // Tuesday, 17 Apr 2007
Photos from the opening night of Insightful Strokes, a group show with new works by Josh Taylor, ZOSO, Tim McCormick (shown), Joey Remmers, Aaron McKinney, Neil Simon Poyuzina, BigTor, Josh Clay, Isaac Pierro, and James Naccarato at Distinction Artist Studios and Gallery in Escondido, CA. The show runs April 14th until June 2nd.

Photos by Garrett Grabosky

Opening night of "Insightful Strokes"
Josh Clay's "Keeping Faith"

Neil Simon Poyizina's "Divided by PI"

Joey Remmers' "The Coming of the Deluge"

Josh Taylor's "Blue Namahage"

Josh Clay's "The Transience of Life"

Tim McCormick's "This Moment"

Isaac Piero's "Love Bomb"

James Naccarato "Time Flys"

ZOSO "Mr. and Mrs. Rootington have a night on the town"

Bigtoe "Haloa Shaka Tiki"

Josh Taylor-Samurai #1

Neil Simon Poyuzina "Insects by Design"

Aaron Mckinney "Aaron Mckinney"

Tim McCormick "After all of This"

ZOSO "unicorn"

Neil Simon Poyuzina "Our Golden Age

Josh Taylor's "Red Namahage"

Aaron Mckinney "Bedfellows"

James Naccarato's "Sceneographic Transmissions"

One of Distinction's halls

Callie Paige getting the night started

Bologna Ponies getting warmed up

Joey Remmers with his painting "A Fruitless Search"

Bigtoe with his "Green Goddess"

Studio artist Debra d'Arms with one of her paintings

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