Insight Garage Artists DETHKILLS Event Recap

Juxtapoz // Thursday, 01 Dec 2011

1000 Words from Insight Clothing on Vimeo.

Insight's Garage Artist program presented 1000 WORDS, a Dethkills match up featuring the artists' paint work in collaboration with nine lensmen. The inspiration for Dethkills new works were clearly spun from a web of shutter speeds, F-Stops and clicks of the finger.

Insight's multi-talented group producing insane clothes coupled regularly with hosting LA's wildest parties at their Venice Beach surfshop location.

As party goer and writer Milk put it, he, "Pin-balled my way through a crowd of equally charged co-eds. Successfully navigating the sea of tucked in gents and tastefully skanked out females I made it to the mini galleria. Photographs of lost souls were mirrored by Dethkills unique 'words become images' style never cease to blow my wig right off my skull.  Standout piece, The Ultimate Despair, shot by Rick Rodney had me pondering my pathetic existence. The pondering lasted roughly 25 seconds because I have the attention span of a gnat and there were people to harass and PBR's to swill.

Fuck it, I saw 1000 Words, now I want to drink 1000 brews and so did the rest of the party plungers.  Amongst the madness I bumped into skate celebrity Dustin Dollin, longboard tip tickler Jared Mell and Malizoo's finest Chad Marshall. The night was a complete shit show silver-lined by beautiful art and photography.  If you have a wild boars hair up your ass and want to have your nipples stimulated check out 1000 WORDS because its running 'til January 3, 2012. Start the New Year off right with a little culture, you goddamn heathens."



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