Inside the Studio with Suzanne Husky

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, 03 Mar 2010

“Recently, she even created a musical project that helped set our troubled environment back on course. Emmanuel and I invaded her Dog Patch studio to find out what's next for this artist who is doing her part to make things right with the world.”


Husky works in a variety of mediums. “I'd say there are three major ones,” the artist explains. “One is sculpture with textiles, which I've done a lot of, and I always go back to. And then I have a documentary practice that I'm leaning more and more towards.


“I've documented a lot of environmental activists, first in the East Bay and then in France -- people who sculpt their houses out of recycled materials. I use recycled materials to sculpt, and they sculpt their homes out of recycled material. So for me, they are continuous things that feed one another. Also because I spend a lot of time in the studio, I need a lot of outdoor time, or I go nuts. It's a balance.”


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